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Several Weeks of Silence

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Well, it's been nearly two months since I posted on this blog. It's not that I haven't thought about it or that I haven't read any books, it's just that life gets busy! I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm going to be publishing to the World Wide Web I feel a lot of pressure to make sure it's good stuff and well written. (Did you know World Wide Web is supposed to be capitalized according to the MLA style guide? See, these are the things I have to check on as I write!) I am going to have to let go of my quest for perfection and just start writing and sharing my thoughts because it’s fun and kind of cathartic.

I missed posting on Mother's Day and I had promised to share a video about how children get more "stuff" from their mother than their father. This promise was made back when I mentioned Cokie Roberts' book, We Are Our Mother's Daughters. (Great read by the way.) My oldest son, who was a biochemistry major in undergrad and now a medical student sent this to me for Mother’s day a few years back. I still love it!

So instead of a post about a book, I’ll just share this fun video with you!

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