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When History and Mystery Collide

History Comes Alive through Mysterious and Thrilling Story-telling

I love history and I love a good mystery or thriller, so when I heard about author Brad Meltzer and how he incorporates history into his thrillers, I figured I should give one of his novels a read. I wasn't disappointed. I don't think you will be either. Meltzer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 thrillers, two non-fiction books, and 44 children's books about heroes of today as well as heroes throughout history.

The first book of Meltzer's thrillers that I read was The Inner Circle, and it got me hooked! The idea for the book was born out of the fact that the first US President, George Washington, who was also General Washington, had a secret network of spies that helped America win the Revolutionary War. This led Meltzer to pursue the idea that Presidents throughout history have maintained their own personal network of spies. In his research he actually reached out to former President George H.W. Bush and asked if he had left anything for Bill Clinton when he left office. You can learn more about their interaction and the impetus for the The Inner Circle here. The story behind the book is almost as good as the book itself. And I'm not alone in my praise for the book and it's author.

No other writer spins a yard with so many expertly crafted layers as Meltzer and THE INNER CIRCLE is probably his best ever. An extraordinary accomplishment not to be missed from the finest storyteller going today.

Publishers Weekly

The Thrillers and Great Story-telling Continue

I went on to read just about all of Meltzer's books. His most recent thriller is The Escape Artist. It's another great read with government and political intrigue. From the very first page you get sucked in. It quite literally has an explosive beginning. I don't know about you, but these are the kind of books that once I get started they're hard to put down.

When other writers whose books I've read and enjoy provide high praise for someone else's book, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it and will be worth my time.

Meltzer Writes About Real Life, Documented Historical Intrigue

I love when I learn something new by reading books. It's even better when those books are so well-written that it's like reading a novel and is nothing like reading a text-book, something I usually expect when reading about actual history.

The Lincoln Conspiracy is like reading one of Meltzer's historical thrillers. And this is a story I hadn't heard of before. There's so much about this story that is amazing. One of the things I love is how we discover one of the first women private investigators and the role she played in saving the life of President-elect Abraham Lincoln.

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