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How Do You Like To Read?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Do you like to curl up on a comfortable couch with a cozy throw and read a new, pristine hardcover book with fresh, crisp pages? Or, do you like a soft paperback that's had the spine broken in and has dog-eared pages from being read so many times before? Do you like the feel of the paper between your fingers as you turn the pages? Or do you enjoy the scent of the paper and ink? Or, is it the sense of accomplishment as you move from one page to the next that ads an element of enjoyment to your reading experience? Do you enjoy being able to visualize and feel how much is left to read of the book by the thickness of the unread pages?

Or are you a lover of digital books? Do you enjoy knowing you have a myriad of reading material stored on a slim tablet that you can access with the touch of your finger? Do you enjoy being able to adjust the brightness or reverse the type and even increase the size of the type so you don't have to wear your reading glasses?

I have to admit, it took me time to adjust to the digital world of books. I enjoyed all the very tactile elements of reading a book made of paper. I still enjoy reading a "real" book, but I've come to appreciate and relish the benefits of digital reading for all the reasons I mentioned above. Taking a tablet on an airplane is much easier than carrying a bulky book...until you have to take it out at security. But I can have multiple books of varying genres and just select the one I'm in the mood to read at the moment. And ebooks don't take up room and gather dust on your shelves. You can borrow ebooks from your library without having to leave home and ebooks are usually less expensive than the paper books. You can find some great deals online. Some ebooks are even free! Now that's a real plus in the digital column.

I'm looking forward to sharing helpful hints on how to access ebooks and how to build your own personal library without spending a lot of money. I'll be sharing some of my favorite books and authors and would love to hear your thoughts on all things literary. How do you like to read?

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